LGBT Travel

New Zealand is a fantastic country to visit for LGBT travellers. Lonely Planet rated New Zealand one of the most “inclusive and progressive” gay-friendly travel destinations on the planet in 2015, second only to Denmark. What makes us so gay-friendly? Well, we are a socially progressive country, being the first country in the world to give women the right to vote in 1893. We were also the first country to have an openly transgender member of parliament in 1999. We legalised gay marriage in April 2013 and from August 2013 many couples living in New Zealand have enjoyed this basic civil right. In general, the majority of New Zealanders don’t give a hoot if you’re LGBT or not!

As a lesbian owned and operated company, we are proud to serve the LGBT community. We’ve selectively partnered with high quality local business owners in New Zealand who value working with the LGBT community and who provide exceptional lodging, and unique and personalized experiences. When you journey with us, you’ll know you’re supporting business owners who also support our community. Where we can, we stay in LGBT owned lodging, and we support LGBT owned businesses as much as possible.

Since your journey is custom designed, you have the opportunity to enjoy the New Zealand gay and lesbian scene as much or a little as you desire. Just let us know! Everyone is welcome, so bring your straight friends and family members too and we’ll all have a great time!