f About Debbie Clarke and Karen Lang, LGBT Travel Specialists

Who we are

Debbie Clarke

Like many New Zealanders, my appreciation and love for New Zealand has grown deeply after living internationally. Whenever I’d meet new people, they’d ask where I was from, and when I’d say New Zealand, they’d typically respond, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s on my bucket list!” That’s not surprising. On regular trips home, I was repeatedly struck by the awe and beauty of New Zealand’s countryside, not only the well-known, iconic spots that most tourists visit, but the unknown nooks and crannies where I’d spend time with family and friends that most tourists never see. On a recent trip home I was pedaling along the Waikato River bike trail, and as is common in New Zealand, a fantail flitted and danced alongside us for several minutes. I was deeply enchanted by this experience and decided in that moment to fulfill my lifelong dream of sharing the joy and magic of my homeland with others. It’s a return to my teenage years when I used to pick up foreign hitch-hikers and bring them home to the farm to show them some good kiwi hospitality.

So I am now fulfilling my dream! In working with you to design and share your journey in magical New Zealand, I hope it’s fulfilling yours too. What are you waiting for? New Zealand Awaits!

Wendy Hansen

I have a love for travel, and have done a lot of travelling both when I was younger with my husband, Neil, and later in life with our three kids. We continue to travel internationally as much as we can, as well as travelling extensively in New Zealand, deepening our knowledge and love for our magnificent country. We’ve ridden most of the multi-day cycle trails in New Zealand, and tramped many of the great walks. We also get out into the less travelled areas to mountain bike and tramp and love sharing that knowledge with our guests. Planning our holidays as well as our clients' is a passion of mine. I love listening to what a couple or a family wants on holiday, then matching them with the perfect blend of experiences and accommodations that we have available to us in New Zealand.

Karen Lang

I’ve lived in several different countries, but none are as magnificent and spectacular as New Zealand. I first traveled to New Zealand with Debbie back in 2001. I immediately fell in love with the country and the people. I knew one day I’d be living there and sharing Debbie’s dream of helping others experience this stunning country. My role with New Zealand Awaits is more behind the scenes, working on the administrative side (webpage, bookings etc).