New Zealand has 10 different wine regions, with each region providing a different flavor profile. Climate, soil variations, and grower and producer passion and commitment to outstanding quality have all contributed to create distinctive wines.

Our wines are renowned for their purity, intensity, and complex flavors. If you love wines, you’ll love the opportunity to explore some of most intense and diverse wine experiences in the world.

We’ll help you select which regions you may want to explore more than others. Is a wine tour of Central Otago’s Pinot Noir vineyards your delight, or perhaps you’d prefer the crisp Sauvignon Blancs of the Marlborough region? Or both? Whether by bike, limo or classic car, we can set you off on an experience perfectly tailored to your desires.

Family owned, organically grown, or sustainably produced, we find the vineyard and winery owners you would love to meet and support. Hear their stories, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and have a fabulous day to boot!