Explore New Zealand
Virtual Events

Come and experience New Zealand from the comfort of your living room. Just because we’re not able to travel right now doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the pleasures that travel offers: seeing and experiencing new landscapes, culture, and people.

New Zealand Awaits’ virtual experiences offer you a taste of life in this wonderful country of ours.

Each event is easy to join, as long as you have an internet connection! Our small group size makes for intimate and interactive experiences.

I took a virtual tour of the North Island with New Zealand Awaits. It was all done online but it was still nice to get to know the half dozen other guests on the tour a little bit. Debbie was our guide – she was fantastic: warm, professional and knowledgeable. I loved the way she shared anecdotes of New Zealand culture and everyone got to chip in. We also saw lots of awesome scenery. I look forward to touring the South Island virtually too. It was a fun way to spend an hour.

Sue Russ