GOOD Awaits: The Regenerative Tourism New Zealand Podcast

Mou Waho Island

Sharing conversations and stories of those who imagine a better way forward, the GOOD Awaits podcast will be a platform of collective discovery about regenerative tourism in NZ. Co-hosts Debbie Clarke and Josie Major are setting out on a journey to discover what regenerative tourism looks like in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Tourism has suffered tremendously through the global pandemic, and … Read More

GOOD Awaits: New Zealand Awaits Partners with GOOD Travel

Native Bush

A new partnership committed to regenerative and sustainable travel! In September 2020, Debbie Clarke, Founder and Owner of New Zealand Awaits, teamed up with Josie Major and Eliza Raymond from GOOD Travel to collaborate in a 48 hour Tourism Design Challenge. The focus of the team, co-led by Debbie and Josie, explored how to define and measure regenerative travel. This … Read More

10 Reasons to Join a Women’s Trip

woman in front of memorial bra fence

Have you noticed the growing popularity of women-only trips? Around the globe and in New Zealand more and more women are signing up for women’s trips as a way to explore, to connect with a new place or people on a deeper level, or to give themselves a well deserved break in the company of other women. The pandemic has … Read More

Examining Travel on Earth Day during COVID-19

It’s Earth Day today in New Zealand, and I’m reflecting on how my actions as a tour operator directly contribute to the imminent climate threat we’re all facing. I have time now, ‘thanks’ to COVID-19. It’s uncomfortable to sit with these thoughts, and to own my role in what is undeniably the greatest threat to humanity. So far I’ve no … Read More

A Solo Lesbian Traveller in New Zealand

If you’re a solo lesbian traveller who travels to immerse yourself in stunning natural landscapes, meet warm and interesting people, explore new cultures, and feel truly alive, then New Zealand is a fantastic lesbian travel destination for you. It’s safe, LGBTQ-welcoming, culturally rich, offers thrilling adventures in spectacular scenery… and has loads of local lesbians who want to make your … Read More

Lesbian Adventure Travellers Explore New Zealand

When lesbian adventure travellers Stephanie and Ziadee contacted us, they’d already planned a lot of their 9 day trip around New Zealand. They only wanted help with two days when Ziadee would be on her own while Stephanie jetted off to Australia to catch a concert. “You’re going to Australia overnight to see a band, while you’re touring New Zealand?” … Read More

Kim and Karenza Win a New Zealand Honeymoon

Join us in congratulating Kim and Karenza on their New Zealand Honeymoon win! As nature, food, and wine lovers, this honeymoon is a perfect fit for them. We’re so thrilled they’ve won our honeymoon package. They will travel to New Zealand in September to enjoy all the special features of this prize giveaway. Kim and Karenza have been together 5 … Read More

10 New Zealand Honeymoon Tips for LGBT Australians

Well Aussie, it’s been a long time coming. Congratulations. We’re over the moon that your friends, colleagues and family said YES! We know many of you have come to New Zealand in the past to marry, and of course you’re still welcome to, but as a happily legally married lesbian of 9 years myself, I get it. There’s nothing better … Read More

Is New Zealand a Gay Friendly Travel Destination?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m planning a trip anywhere, it’s the first question I ask. Is the destination gay friendly? Will we be welcome there? It’s also the question I always get from LGBTQ travellers considering a trip to New Zealand. “Is New Zealand a gay friendly travel destination?” Absolutely, I tell them! We’ve met almost all … Read More

Wanaka Wows LGBTQ Travellers

Meet Caroline and Suzie, our trusted LGBT locals in Wanaka.  They own and run Criffel Peak, a lovely B&B, a few minutes walk from the pubs, cafes, restaurants and waterfront of vibrant Wanaka. This South Island town of around 9,000 residents is funky, hip, and surrounded by incredible vistas. Caroline and Suzie are wonderful locals who will share all the great local … Read More